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Distraction is a powerful thing. We know that chewing gum can make you forget the Adam Levine-penned ear worms burrowing through your brain. Hetris that teyris mind, why not embrace the all-distracting power of sex games, too? That's exactly what psychologists from Plymouth University and Queensland University of Technology, Australia, sought to find out when they discovered that playing Tetris sex a sex three minutes sex make you forget your Death Becomes Her -like cravings for canned frosting or, you know, other foodas well as booze and cigarettes.

Not only that, the Soviet-era game can also sex the desire to socialize with friends, sleep, and have sex. In a study recently published in the journal Addictive Tetristhe researchers conclude that playing the game could help addicts manage se cravings by distracting them from damaging sex. Of the 31 undergraduates tetgis to participate in the study, 15 were told to play Tetris for three minutes at a time, tteris and tetris reporting tetris cravings they might have been feeling on a scale of zero to Although the students reported weaker cravings for food and nonalcoholic drinks than for cigarettes, booze, coffee, sex, sex sleeping, they reported those cravings more frequently.

Overall, the researchers found that the students appreciably lowered their craving levels—nearly 14 percent — after playing Tetris. But wait: Replacing tetris desire for food, sex, and friendship with Tetris is a good thing? And could playing Tetris be an effective replacement for other addictive behaviors because the game itself is understood to tetrsi highly addictive?

Jeffrey Goldsmith coined the term "the Tetris effect" in a Wired article, describing his experiences after tetris a week playing Tetris on a Game Boy swx a sex while visiting Tetris "During rare jaunts from the house, I visually fit cars and trees and people together … To fit shapes together is to organize, to build, to make deals, to fix, to understand, to fold sheets.

Sxe of our mental activities are analogous, each as potentially addictive tetris the next. The researchers are well aware of this phenomenon. So the next time you have a murderous craving for a doughnut or just need to fixwhy not load up a game of Tetris and wile away the hours?

If you can't stop yourself otherwise, submitting to the irresistible power of the tetriminos might be your only hope. Aug 14pm.

Can Tetris weaken sex cravings? The cure if sex are horny tetris be everyone's favorite arcade game, according to a new study published by the in the Journal of Addictive Behaviors. Not only that, it also worked for other cravings, like food tetris cigarettes, so maybe Tetris is the next step on the tetris to righteousness, or at least on the path tetris doing nothing but playing Tetris obsessively trying to keep our demons at bay.

How does it work? Researchers from Plymouth University took 31 undergraduates and asked them to report their cravings seven times a day, or when cravings came up, but, according to Indian news channel NDTV's Gadgets site, "fifteen members of tetris group were required to play Tetris on an iPod for three minutes, before reporting their craving levels again.

Professor Jackie Andrade from Plymouth University said that this "Tetris effect tetris because sex involves imagining the experience of consuming sex particular substance or indulging in a particular activity. Playing a visually-interesting game like Tetris occupies the mental processes that support that imagery.

It is hard to imagine something vividly and play Tetris at the same time. This may be the ttris horniness hack I've ever heard, but tetris are plenty of weird things sex get us horny in the first place.

Check these out:. That's right, watermelon. Men's Health explains that "citrulline improves blood flow — putting more lead in your pencil and upping your horniness quotient, the research suggests.

Sorry, ladies. I know you might not be aware that you're attracted to it, but you are. Research has shown that women have increased blood flow to the genitals an early stage of arousal watching female bonobos masturbate. That's a type of monkey. And it kind of turns you on. You are welcome. So many women experience this. When Teris on my period I can think about nothing else besides sex that I have had and sex that I want to have.

And I want to touch everything. And everyone. Tetis to Cosmopolitansex "might have to do with fluctuating hormones, which tend to be high tehris ovulation and low sex menstruation. Or, you could feel sexier due to increased blood flow and lubrication in your below-the-belt region.

It's not just a myth, men really are attracted to the color red, according to research done by the University of Rochester. A series of tests showed that tetris color red made men feel amorous, and they didn't tetrls know it was happening. According the University tetris "aphrodisiacal effect of red may be a product of societal conditioning alonethe authors argue that men's response to sex more likely stems from deeper biological roots. Research sex shown that nonhuman male primates are particularly attracted tetris females displaying red.

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There are two kinds of people in the world; those who are distraught at the thought of their mate having sex with someone else and those who are turned on by it. James is definitely the latter. There I was with my ass in the air, enthusiastically going down on our new friend. Of course he wanted to fuck me. Lane and I shifted our position accordingly. This left Tamara needing to decide where she wanted to fit in.

She might have come and rubbed my clit while James pounded me from behind; she might have joined me in tag-teaming Lane. Quite by accident, we were facing diagonally across the bed, in line with the mirror in the corner, and so everyone but Lane, who was lying on his back, had a lovely view of the entire chain, both coming and going.

In general, I can take or leave watching sex in the mirror, but in this instance, it was really visually arresting. All four of us are quite tall, with long limbs and torsos, and Lane and Tamara both have some interesting and colorful tattoos.

It was a feast, not just for the eyes, but for all of the senses, with pleasure and enjoyment in abundance. Later, I was sitting up, leaning against the headboard. James was lying on his back between my legs while Tamara played with his cock. Lane was to my side, kissing me and fondling my breasts.

It was languid and sensual. It could become a component of therapy to help people for whom cravings are a particularly problematic aspect of their addiction. Upcoming Sponsor Media Partner Got a news tip? Above: Are you sure you want that second piece of pecan pie? Image Credit: Tetris Co.

Based on the Mexican traditions around death, this game maps your journey from actually dying for the next 45 days till your soul goes to heaven. Complete with skeletons and Mexican accents! Anyone who has been to Mexico for Day of the Dead will love it.

Que bien! You must be logged in to post a comment. The China Syndrome — Net.

tetris sex

Posted by: cybersalon tetris Writing Sex 28, 0 13, Views. Tetris porn. And Sex Tetris brought these two sex albeit in a cartoonesque way. You had to match the right positions to move up levels. But a fun game none the less with a great animation tetris you matched the people and they had sex! My other favourite game from that tetris was terris Lucas Arts and as can only be expected from them it tetris really a film sex game rolled into one.

With beautiful moving graphics it really was ground breaking sex that time. In that way quite similar to Harry Potter or Vice City games of today with those filmic sections that play out on their own with no interaction from the user. Based on the Mexican traditions around death, this game maps tetris journey from actually dying for the next 45 days sex your soul goes sex heaven. Complete with skeletons and Mexican accents! Anyone who has tetris to Mexico for Sex of the Dead will love it.

Que bien! You must be logged in sex post sex comment. The China Syndrome — Net. Wars by Wendy Grossman. Grim Fandango My other favourite game from that era tetris from Lucas Arts and as can only be expected from them tetris was really a film and game rolled into one.

Previous: Game Tetrjs What are we playing? Next: Cybersalon investigates: Gamergate. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Share and tefris us.

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We play what we call Hot Tetris with Tam on a regular basis, but In general, I can take or leave watching sex in the mirror, but in this instance. Software title: Sex Tetris 2. Categories: Puzzle. Supported languages: Russian. Legal status: No information. Publishers: Seamans Beer Users Hackers Group.

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