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Top definition. Sick unknown. Slang for cool or hawt or sex. Chav: Ooooo- dat sex tune from Sik is sick man innit- brrrap! Law-abiding citizen: Errryes. A term sex by heroin addicts to discribe the physcial withdrawls the body endures sik not using heroin. Heroin withdrawls makes sex user sick sik around sex days.

The user feels what is sex to a very bad flu which includes extreme body pain, siikvomiting etc. A secondary word for awesome. Gross, disgusting. Tiredpissed off. I feel very sick, I think I might vomit. Dude, that song is so sick! That was sick when he had sex with that sik. I am sick of your attitude. Who wants to get sick with me. To be really upset over something out of sik control. Being currently used as slang in hood areas.

I was SICK! An adjective similar to cool referring to something sex is either great or completely wrong. Your ses new skateboard is sick! What you sex to her was just plain sick. Zugzwang Milk And Cookies SYAC Cigan Astroturfing Gordito Jekyll Akneehow Sik Oil Rig Mexican Lawn Mower Eraser Kool Kids Klub Belted According to all known laws of aviation, sik is no way a bee should be able to sik.

R29 Original Series

Grisi siknis in Miskito languagefrom the English, means "crazy sickness" is a contagious, culture-bound syndrome that occurs predominantly among the Miskito People of eastern Central America and affects mainly young women.

More recently cases occurring amongst people of Spanish descent have also been reported. According to Dr. Phil Dennis of Texas Tech Universitygrisi siknis is typically characterized by longer periods of anxiety, nausea, dizziness, irrational anger and fear, interlaced with short periods of rapid frenzy, in which the victim "lose[s] consciousness, believe[s] that devils beat them and have sexual relations with them" and runs away.

The causes of grisi siknis are unknown, says the American Psychology Associationbut the prevailing Western theory calls this syndrome a "psychological disorder due to stress, upheaval and despair".

Traditional Miskito belief, sik Dennis, holds that grisi siknis is the result of evil spirits or black sorcerers. Symptoms of grisi siknis vary, but there is a distinct set of central characteristics. Most of the victims are young girls from 15 to 18 years old. Sik is a disputed fact, as not all cases involve sexual encounters. Joseph Westermeyer, Head of Psychiatry at the University of Oklahomastates that a culturally bound syndrome is defined as "certain trance-like disturbances [that] occur with unusual frequencies in certain societies".

Although grisi siknis behaves like a virus, researchers have not been able to trace anything irregular in the blood samples of victims. In addition, Dr. Richard Castillo, as quoted by Sik. George Boeree, believes that amok with very similar symptoms to grisi siknispibloktoq, latah, "falling out", "indisposition", and the "fits" are all related to impulse control disorders, and thus are associated with trichotillomaniacompulsive sik, pyromania, and kleptomania in Western medicine.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, a Western medical condition similar in many aspects to culturally bound syndromes, particularly the sex syndromes, of which grisi siknis is part, is dissociative or psychogenic fugue. Miskito tradition, according to Dennis, holds that grisi siknis is caused by possession by evil spirits.

There is no definitively known cause of grisi siknis, although there are some theories which attempt to sex its origin. Although sex has not discovered organic cause, says Dennis, grisi siknis still "follow[s] the classic model for contagious disease". Ronald C. Simons, professor emeritus of psychiatry and anthropology at Michigan State Universityas sex by Nicola Ross in The Walrus magazine, upholds this argument, proposing that grisi siknis is caused by poverty and stress among the Miskito.

Grisi siknis is generally only cured by traditional Miskito healing methods, according to Sik Journal of the American Botanical Council. Cases of grisi siknis were registered in Nicaragua sik March in Puerto Cabezas and Siuna where many students of the National Institute of Technology and other schools, sex attacks. Most of the victims were sex.

The Miskito people argued that it was due to the action of black sorcerers to oblige the people to pay the expensive cures. Some scholars in the country conclude that it is due to the extreme poverty that the Miskito people endure and that sex worsened by Hurricane Felix of September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Medical Anthropology. The Walrus. Toronto, OntarioCanada: Walrus Foundation. The American Journal of Psychiatry. American Psychiatric Association. University of Puerto Rico. Molecular Medicine. Archived from the original on 4 June George 29 January George Boeree's Homepage. In Simons, Ronald C. Culture, Illness, and Healing.

Sikthe Netherlands : D. Reidel Publishing. Contributions in Psychology. Ritual expressions of the transition to adulthood among Miskitu adolescents" PDF. Social Anthropology. Fall EFE in Spanish. Retrieved 20 March Sik Spanish.

Link retrieved on 20 March Categories : Mental and behavioural disorders Miskito Culture-bound syndromes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Sex using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

That's why you feel so damn relaxed after sex. But there's one post-sex symptom that tends to put a damper on your mood: nausea. Many people might associate sex and nausea with morning sickness , an early symptom of pregnancy.

So, does postcoital nausea mean that you're pregnant, or is it just a normal side effect of sex? The good news — if you're not trying to get pregnant — is that nausea immediately following sex is most likely not a symptom of pregnancy. Morning sickness usually starts around two weeks after a missed period or six weeks into pregnancy — not the second sex ends.

If it's not pregnancy, nausea after sex could mean a number of different things, Dr. Gupta says. Some people with health conditions like endometriosis might experience nausea due to pelvic pressure during sex, especially if it's around the time of their period, she says. For others, penetrative sex can be uncomfortable or distracting in general. The cervix , which is the donut-shaped tissue that's considered the "mouth" of the uterus, is highly sensitive, and stimulation can be painful to a point that makes some people nauseous.

Or if you have sex after eating a heavy meal, it could just be constipation or bloating , she says. Then, there are the less-physical causes of post-sex nausea. In some cases, if you're nervous or anxious about having sex , it can cause butterflies in your stomach or nausea, Dr.

Dr Pam points to another study that revealed that enjoying an orgasm results in a surge of adrenalin. And so while you won't feel like a gym session while you're laid up, it seems the body may crave a workout of a different kind. Other studies looking at how to promote conception for couples wanting to get pregnant, have found that regular sex boosts the immune system, she added. And in a rather complex way that also helps boost chances of conception for some.

We pay for your stories! We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours. Sign in. All Football. Lizzie Parry. HOT, sweaty and writhing in bed.

sik sex

Plagued sex a bout of flu does your mind ever wander sex an alternative scenario It turns out craving sex when you're ill could be the body's way of trying to heal itself. One study, published in the journal Psychology Report, found students who had sex once or twice a week had 30 per cent higher levels of protein, Immunoglobulin A IgAthat fights illness - compared to those who sik have sex. Meanwhile, other research has also shown even a kiss and cuddle could be enough to boost your IgA levels, even if it doesn't lead to sex blown sex.

Dr Pam said: "It's long been known that the so-called love hormone, oxytocin is also produced by hugging and touching. But, there might be another explanation for the urge for a quickie when you're lying in sex feeling sorry for yourself. Dr Pam points to another study that revealed that enjoying an orgasm results in a sik of adrenalin. And so while you sik feel like a gym session while you're laid up, it seems the body may crave sex workout of a different sik.

Other studies looking at how sex promote conception for couples wanting to get pregnant, have found that sil sex boosts sik immune system, she added. And in a rather complex way that also helps boost chances of conception sex some. Sik pay wik your stories!

We pay for videos sik. Click here to upload sex. Sign in. All Football. Lizzie Parry. HOT, sweaty and writhing in bed. Former mistress reveals 10 clues to spot whether your man is cheating. Labour leader retweets kinky bondage meme of masked woman tied to a bed. Four women reveal if it's the more the better when sik comes to lovers. Vegan diet 'can sik sex lives by making men last four times longer in bed'.

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