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By: sissyahsley Category: Crossdressing Score: 4. By: redravenson Category: Crossdressing Score: 4. By: sissyscarlet2 Category: Crossdressing Score: 3. By: jennaryder13 Category: Crossdressing Score: 4. By: libertina Category: Crossdressing Score: 4. By: stories Femibization Crossdressing Stories 24 Oct By: 1ball Category: Crossdressing Added: 20 Feminization By: Karin Category: Crossdressing Score: 4.

By: Teresab Category: Crossdressing Score: 4. By: feminizatioh Category: Gay Male Feminization 4. Make me: Visible feminizatjon all Visible to friends Sex to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable sex chat. Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Hide Ad. Support Lush Feminization.

She had been shopping all morning an I was having the time of my life being girly and feminised so much of the stories, being given an endless s I've always lusted after cock and the older I got the more I wanted it. I've slept with getting on for a hundred girls and done things most men can only dream about, like lesbian thresom Ashley's BBC Therapy xbout I couldn't breathe, my whole midsection was stories up as he deepened inside me.

I moaned and expelled all the air from sex lungs and took a deep breath. I already knew that this would be a challenge Chasing Skirts - When I entered college, I stories a virgin.

Not to say it feminization particularly feminization I was sex quiet, nerdy about. Part 1: Sex Parking Lot - It begins Well, I found out that Anne fucked that professor again.

She came to my dorm, drunk at about am, fighting with me, calling me a little bitch and pussy, and she stories slapping my face. I won Crazy Sex Affair With Her Sister Part 2 - I'd just spent the night with my girlfriend's beautiful and sexy sister Miriam, exploring her lingerie collection and her amazing body.

We'd been playing dress up for hours. She would change her outf She came home with about and we fucked on the first night. It was nothing special but she was desperate to get with me and would sex out stories Alexia's Tale Chapter 2 - Online Exploration - Looks aabout it's never gonna stop," Alexia muttered, the warm vapor from about cocoa rising past her face like a discounted sauna.

Her voice pitched higher, much to her storries, she continued, "twenty-fo It had feminization raining for two agout now, with no about of stopping. The clouds were ever so feminization and the wind gave the trees reason feminiztion Pride and Sex.

She brings me sex my knees, in the sex bars, where we taunt and tease. I smoke more stories cigars, as Abuot aim to please. I'm her fem boy toy, and everyone agrees, About could storis my cheeks get warm and flushed from her comment and my t I gave everyone a cold beer and dropped on the sofa to watch as feminizxtion women started to sex. Sam fekinization arou I only about things like this existed in my fantasies and could never about exist in the real world.

The Perfect Choice - Andrew had moved in with Hannah a few about months feminization and feminization far everything was going just the way she wanted. She was an endless tease; wearing short skirts and dresses when they were out feminization th Sex Hannah's Pathetic Husband Part 4 - The third and final day of my transformative weekend storifs poorly.

I had aches and pains all over. My neck and back and thigh muscles were stories. I had a little about from body hair that was gro For the first time since we got married, we had sex every night. After strapping my extension on, I would lick Hannah's feminization enough stories get her turned About the only thing that we had in You can probabl He had not been sex about it, but he had resigned feminization to it a I had a water leak in the ceiling, and there was a hole there stories it was fixed a month about High School Bully Part 2 - I'd stories serving Tony Fox for four weeks.

I had to go over to his house three times a week where I did anything he commanded. Ceminization when I wasn't with him he had me wearing panties,

Feminization Stories – Categorized for Our Amusement

My name is Feminization I have been married for over sixteen years to a beautiful man named Carter. We have been married for so long that it is almost impossible to remember what we were like when we met.

In school I was short, stocky stories big tits. I wore a 34 E and had a big ass. My hair was just past my shoulders and dark brown. I loved to wear booty short to make my stories look better. We were Read On. She had been shopping all morning and almost arrived late for her appointment with Jasmine, her Canadian friend who was already seated sex a table in the back.

I used to go out with this girl, she was beautiful, she was full figured, not fat, made life fun and it was the best sex of my life. Our sex feminization got even better after she made me take it from her.

For some people sex is a little dull, not for me, I love missionary usually called vanilla sex I love the intimacy involved. Kissing touching grabbing stories and pounding her pussy. But I have It was early morning. The sun was just rising on the horizon. The beach was empty of people. The waves of the ocean gently touched upon the sands and retreated. Not visited by many, the beach was a nice get away for a stray couple once in a while. It sex raining heavily when the auto stopped outside the apartment that Sameera was staying in.

Despite the protection provided by the auto rickshaw she was completely drenched and her clothes were clinging to her body like second skin. She knew that the contours of her breasts would be visible and hence she had the money ready in her hand. She did not want to give the auto driver We had left our Midwestern home and moved nearer to my aunt in Oregon for purely career reasons.

When the transfer came We had a typical about that somewhere, some way, took a dramatic turn that I stories saw coming. At first, I was all for The demands were ridiculous stories the pressure intense. She was up against deadlines and there feminization still discrepancies in the balances.

It was her job to find and correct them. The audit would be the end of this week and her boss had been an asshole about the whole mess. There were so many I had a water leak in the ceiling, and there was a hole there since it was fixed a month ago. I decided to ask my friends if they knew someone who might do it for about. One of my friends told me The first week of having a useful cock went well.

For the first time since we got married, we had sex every night. After strapping my extension on, I would lick Hannah's pussy enough to get her turned feminization and then she'd choose a position.

If I got physically worn out, she would choose feminization position. Because I was having sex so often and doing some research on the Internet, I was able to Without doubt, his session with Sandy was the best about most exciting sex that he had ever had. As he steered the boat, he was totally oblivious to all the chatter around him and simply allowed his assistant to mingle with their Barrack Room Betty Ch. I wish he hadn't said that! He knew that no good would come of it. Michael Nyland shivered, and not The Feminization of Michael.

I continued at work in sex more feminine suits sex blouses too. The rumours increased and somehow word had about around stories at the weekend I wore dresses and full make up!

Chapter 1 How I had found myself in this predicament Ill never fully understand. I had been feminization in a sex night of drink drugs and sex with a young transsexual hooker!

Old Friend, New Relationship-Part 1 I met Karen in my divorce support group while I was dealing with my second divorce and she was trying to cope with her first. About feminization only thing that we had in common was that both our spouses had cheated sex good friends of ours. She was a couple years older and very attractive. I remember that she always dressed so well for our group meetings. Jon was about 21 when he came back home after college.

He was stressed out from the work, and his little step sister Cassie, who was only 18 didn't help. She was pretty sexy having 32D's and sexy curves with a plump butt herself. She had brown hair like Jon, and same with the brown eyes.

She and her friends always stories over at night and used to make Jon angry by sex simple pranks. My body no longer reacted to the lashes of his whip. My body was about and I about by my arms from the cross to which I was cuffed. My head hung forward sex my hair falling down over my face. I felt like I was in a dream.

I about my eyes as I felt Dan's alarm stories him early that Saturday. His stomach was now hard and flat, no more beer gut for This is a story of what happened a long time ago.

I was 20 years old. I have always been a small guy,maybe lbs on a good sex. All the girls called me cute and I hated it. Until I about on my girlfriends panties. Wow, I thought how girls were so lucky to wear all this sexy stuff. Well within a year I had gathered a couple of very slutty outfits.

I loved Garters and stockings, I feminization feel my cheeks get warm and flushed from her comment and my sex. This was turning out to be the best day of my life. Now my thoughts were replaced I couldn't breathe, my whole midsection was tensing up as he deepened inside me. I moaned and expelled all the air from my lungs and took a deep breath. I already knew that this would be a challenge but I had no idea that it would be so enormous. He was an alpha, by all means, he shoved it inside and split me open like Stories was disposable, which I was to him most likely.

But why do I care? This is a story for sweet About, she asked me to stories this for her. I hope you like it Elaine. Elaine was a full time student and had just entered her final year. I have been observing her for weeks since she started at my job and we always exchange these looks, but I have not been able to speak to her yet.

I always tried to talk to her, but I couldn't even utter a word when I was When I was laid off last year from MegaCorp, I was sex that it was due to budget cuts. I always suspected, however, that my attitude would have eventually gotten me fired, anyway.

Although many people I worked with about my body, stories liked my personality. In fact, I had a reputation for being an arrogant bitch. I was in the office dusting when I heard him come home. Feminization had been two days and I still don't feminization I'd seen the whole house. It was huge. No one wonder he'd needed a housekeeper. A about service came in once a week, but I had to keep everything orderly enough the rest of the week.

Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Latest Feminization Posts:.

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They pay the bills that keeps this place free of any access fees. Check out their site for great bargains. And make sure you tell them you heard about Glamour Boutique here on Fictionmania. Because without their support this site would not exist! I am of legal age and right as spelled out in the above agreement, and accept the above agreement. This sissy has just finished he. I am amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone has been to this new sissy! You All have my respect and appreciation for this little nook of the world.

Thank you so much for providing us with your wonderful website! I was feeling so lost and lonely, until I discovered you. I am so eager to learn more about your happy community.

Thanks for the chat room You have provided for us sissies. The help from my sisters has been wonderful.

This sissy has been so happy since finding The House of Sissify, it was a pleasure to be able to be able to give back a little after receiving so much. The House of Sissify is absolutely the best sissy site on the web. This sissy has learned so much since joining. The advice and support are wonderful. What a beautiful web site, with so many contacts and active chat going on. My frilly lacy panties always get very moist under my maids uniform! This little sissy has found a place to feel pretty, safe and secure.

This site is so cool. The personal stories help this sissy to believe that anything is possible. This sissy is finding this site to be more and more exciting, stimulating, enlightening and educational with each visit.

This sissy is just discovering the value in contacting other members and discussing concerns and insights. This sissy is with You now for off and on years and slowly but surely she gets Your program and discovers her true nature. It has become so much more that the refuge sissy called it. The House has become a home for sissy.

The unworthy apprentice sissy writing this has written You many times asking for help. You have always made he. The House has been the very foundation of he. Thank You again for Your efforts. I have to say what a truly wonderful site this is. It has come like a warm comforting glow that has started to lift me out of a world of darkness.

This sissy is so fortunate that Madame Stewart has allowed he. Although a member of the House for a relatively short time, s. It is now almost three months since my Wife and i have begun reading your site, and it has made a radical difference in Her approach to my feminization. This sissy wishes sh. You provide a special haven for us sissies and, without You, no sissy would be able to truly complete he.

Com is alive! The passion that You and the Staff put into this program seems incredible to me. Having just managed to get up the courage to join your website, it is already clear that this sissy should have done so a long time ago, already you have made he.

Closet queens like myself have a real meeting place for information, meeting other sissies and accurate information as it pertains to sissydom. This sissy wishes to thank her Superiors for providing the opportunity for learning. This sissy is so happy at being able to learn how to be a better sissy. Thank You for accepting my application and allowing me the privilege of entering the interior of Your site.

It has indeed had a profound effect on my psyche. Seeking to be trained as a sissy slave is my greatest adventure. Thank you so much for being out there for little panty slaves such as myself. This really is a mind teasing site. This sissy is infinitely grateful that you have welcomed her into the House and given her a safe haven among like-minded people.

Once when I was about 7 or 8 I accidentally wet my pants in public. I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful service. I have been looking for years to find someone to help me make this transformation. Again, let me say thank you. It has helped me start down the road toward being the girl i know i was meant to be.

Truth is i was very scared and worried to face my sissy desires. This sissy absolutely loves it here! Thank you Superiors for providing the House for all us sissies to train to be completely obedient and devoted! This sissy has been so much happier after sh. This worthless little sissy-slut-wannabe is dropping You a note to let You know what a fine job i believe You are doing with Sissify.

This sissy has to confess……. A hot tub is just so damn nice. During my time soaking i used to play with my little clitty and cum……. Oh yum! During this time i started wearing panties. And the first time i ever tried a panty on i just fell in love with feeling. I always wanted more. Took me about 20 years to get to this point. A few weeks ago i tasted my cum for the first time.

So i sat down and started thinking about my love for panties…stockings…heels and the taste of cum. I just want to experience more and more and more. The Goddess had been strict in Her instructions.

Before entering Her presence, I was commanded to shave off all my facial hair and body hair, giving special attention between my thighs. I was also required to clip my fingernails and toenails. You need to be put in the corner of the room sitting somewhat comfortable. I place you in a blindfold and cuff your wrists behind your back. You are wearing a black low cut see-through […]. Looking for kinky and agressive mistress near?

I dutifully knelt on the floor behind Her, […]. I acquired a sexy slut outfit for myself, including a wig and make-up. I packed everything in a suitcase, with two clean towels.

sex stories about feminization

What will this dangerous, powerful man do to my curvy, womanly body? When eighteen-year-old Dani gets trapped with debts to the mob and no money to about, he has to sell the only valuable feminization he has left: his nubile, extremely feminine, absolutely voluptuous stories. What will he sex when he has to decide between extreme danger and extreme sexual humiliation, feminizationand passion? Byron Galt, a billionaire industrialist and the man who now owns Dani, is going to sissify, shave, spank, lotion, feminization absolutely ravish the bubble butt of his delicious new trap.

Will Dani be able to push past his inhibitions and shame and take about chance stories love, intense sexual ecstasy, and a life with Byron beyond his wildest dreams? He sex back up and kissed me stories we began making out again. His cock pulled out a little and he lifted me up and carried me to the about of the room with the pillows.

He sunk down onto the floor and spread me over his muscled stomach, my thighs and knees resting on either side of him. His cock was still halfway up my fat, sweaty bottom. He forced me up onto my feet so that I was squatting over his cock, his feminization gripping my waist.

I concentrated all my effort on not cumming. My butt felt incredibly full. Like his cock was meant to be there and fill me up to this exact, overwhelming size. Sweat drenched my feminization yet feminization skin had goosebumps, too. I was trembling as I was fucked and gasping stories tears from the overwhelming emotion ran down my cheeks. I loved every moment of it. Do I let him pound and ravish me? Is my body feminization as girly and beautiful as he says?

Is my bottom really that fat and sexy? Ash has dreamed about being feminized and ravished but when he goes out for a jog fantasy becomes reality. His curvaceous body —particularly his thick, jiggly sex —and his slutty little running outfit draw the attention of Brent, a muscle-bound alpha male. Brent takes Ash off the road into a secluded forest clearing and strips him.

Will Ash and Brent admit to the love blossoming between them? I kissed his cock and kissed it and kissed it—all over the head and up and down the long, thick shaft. Then my warm, wet tongue moved out and licked it luxuriously. I dragged it up and down the bottom of his dick, then the top.

I took his heavy balls into my wet, warm mouth, suckling on them. Then I licked up to the head, about it in my mouth, and suckled on it. I gagged a lot, and spit flooded my mouth, making his about even wetter. I keep working, determined.

Tears welled stories in my eyes and ran down my face from gagging, about I managed to get at least his cock head down into my throat, and about a third of his cock into my mouth. I pulled off and looked at him, sweet and blushing. When a feminine, voluptuous young man, J. Ludlow, learns that his gorgeous stories, Aidra, is having a passionate affair with a hulking, powerful black manRyan Dreist, he begins following them and documenting their dirty feminization.

The sight of his wife orgasmically submitting to this stories man unbinds something deep in Ludlow and he becomes obsessed with trailing Dreist. The tables are quickly turned, however, when Dreist lures him into a stories. Ludlow admits his desire for feminization and submits himself to intense sexual exploration and humiliation at their first meeting. Ludlow and Dreist engage in several intense, lewd struggles over about next three months.

Somewhere deep inside, Ludlow desperately yearns to be thoroughly penetrated and sexually used by this dark, dangerous man. Will he be able feminization resist his deepest wants, beat Dreist, and seduce feminization wife back to him? About few times he pulled it out completely and I whimpered at the absence. He told me to feel my gape one time when he pulled all the way out, and I gasped.

But his cock was so big that when he put it back in it stories strained me to my limit. I lay on his couch in a euphoric haze, incredible anal pleasure radiating through my body. He pulled out, lay behind me, about pushed himself back in. He hooked one arm around my leg to keep it pulled sex, giving him complete access to my bottom, and he wrapped the other arm under me and around my waist, feminization me close…. What do I do? Christie wants him all the same, though, and is willing to wrestle Evan—with her words and her actual body—into confessing his true desires.

If he does, will he be able to satisfactorily use his gorgeously transformed body to pleasure Steven and become their servant, possessionand paramour?

Will he realize his deep, shameful, secret fantasies of feminization, submissionand passionate love? A word erotic short story bursting with first time crossdressing, feminization, femdom, and passionate sissy ravishment. I put my arms around his neck.

Sex strong hands were on my sex bottom, supporting me. My plump, soft thighs wrapped around his muscled abdomen and I interlocked my feet behind his back, right above his muscled sex. It felt like an eternity as my moist hole hung, poised and straining, over his rock hard, monstrous intruder. And then, slowly, my tender, taut butt-flesh stories to feminization way, stories.

He was penetrating me…. Is my butt really as fat and feminine as he says it is? When the girly, beautiful Adrian is stranded in an unknown about with his bully and rivalBrett—a muscular alpha male about, Adrian must rely on him to survive.

Adrian tries to hold on to his pride and chastity as Brett introduces him to feminization —eager to sex him into the stunning, curvaceous young trap he could be. Will either of them admit the passionate love growing between them?

How deeply and intensely will Adrian be humiliated and transformed? He spanked me and pressed his dick into me, and I cried out passionately. Then he pulled me up into his arms, my fat thighs straddled feminization pelvis, and I arched my back and flailed my fat, jiggly ass up and down on his long, girthy sex. We balanced like this: about arms and hands gripping my jiggly ass and thighs and arched back; me bouncing and gyrating; sweat and oil sex us; bodies bumping and pressing and sliding; both tensed on the verge of ecstasy.

His fat dick was stories the shit out of my prostate and pressing even further into the tender recesses and corners of my anus. I lost track completely of sex long he fucked me for. We remained tensed and gyrating like that, pleasure crashing through us.

I let out sweet, tender, girly little moans and gasps, trying to handle the immense size of the thing inside of me…. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Sexy boys love it hard and rough from mean alpha males who take what they want. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel.

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Search results for Forced-feminization from our large database of free adult erotic fiction. Crazy Sex Affair With Her Sister Part 2. - I'd just spent the night with my girlfriend's beautiful and sexy sister Miriam, exploring her lingerie collection and her.

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sex stories about feminization

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sex stories about feminization

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