16 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Sex Life

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Stop faking orgasms. I wish I'd made this resolution sooner, but if you haven't yet, there's no time like the present. Really and truly, if he can't figure out how to make you come and he has no interest in learning, oh my god, please, just stop dating him because he is the worst.

Bonus points for telling him, "Please get better at this. This was not that great for me," before you resolutions up with him so hopefully he can get better before meeting his resolutions sex partner. Stop accepting that he "just sex like" going down on you. Sweet and lovely human being, if you're going down on him, there's no reason he can't go down on you.

There sex no reason. Your vagina is amazing. Throw out any underwear that doesn't make you feel hot AF. You know sex ones I'm talking about. Even if no one else is seeing them, always wearing awesome sex will just make you feel awesome.

That's just as important, if not more so. Start initiating sex when you want to. There's nothing sex says you have to sit around waiting for him to start something. You just woke up super turned sex because you had a dream about someone you'd never have resolutions with in a million years, but somehow at the time it was really hot and he's right next to you?

Go for it. Also, what the hell is with dreams like that? Tell him exactly what you want him to do. Even if it's just a "Maybe could you kind of" kind of assertiveness, that's better than expecting him to read your mind and being pissed that he couldn't. Plus, once you do that, then he'll know and he'll just do it automatically. It's fantastic. Just kiss more sex. Not "OK, kissing for like five minutes and then sex," which is fine too, but man, kissing for prolonged periods of time was super hot when you were 15 and I gotta say, it's still true now.

Find your G-spot. It's not that hard. You can pretty much just Google resolutions right now. Or take your fingers, make a hook like you're telling someone to come over to you. That's what you need to be doing. Problem solved. Don't worry about how your body looks during sex.

I always just assume I look incredibly hot. Because I try to have sex with people who think I always look incredibly hot. That part really helps. Carry condoms with you in case he doesn't have them. One time I was about to have what I've always imagined might have resolutions the best sex I'd ever had in my life with someone and he didn't have a condom and neither did I, so he had to search for them in the middle of the night when everything was closed like he was searching for an oasis in a desert.

He found some, hours later, but yeah, it was pretty much gone at that point. Spend some serious time with your vagina. Make sure you know what it looks like, smells like, etc. Because the more you're into it, the less you'll worry about whether or not he's into it.

Plus, if you know what it's usually like, you'll be able to spot when something might be wrong. Only have sex when you percent want to have sex. Sexual situations usually happen pretty quickly and don't really allow a ton of time for introspection and "Do I actually want to do this? Sometimes I've just excused myself to go to the bathroom so I resolutions have a minute to think about whether or not I really wanted to, if I felt comfortable with this person, and whether or not I trusted them on some level.

And once you figure out that you do, the sex is also a million resolutions better. So that's cool. Stop telling him sex feels good when it doesn't.

Or when it just feels kind of "meh. You can do it! Don't give a shit whether you shaved or not. I am going home. Good day. Also, because it is not and no one talks like that, but, man, I wish they did. Stop worrying about sleeping with someone new. You're never going to "forget" how to do things and anything new will be figured out as resolutions go alongI repeat to myself over and over again in their guest bathroom. A ctually get tested for STDs. I have friends who are too afraid to go, which honestly makes me think they need to go more than anyone.

I get tested entirely too often, to the point where my doctor is like, "Why are you here? Nothing about your sex life indicates it is possible for you to have an STD. Please find a new hobby," and I'm like, "OK. Follow Lane on Twitter and Instagram. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Your Everything Guide to Aura Readings. Universal Pictures. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Takeaway: Want to start the new year off with a bang? Here are 17 expert tips to inspire your sex life. The idea is to make sex more pleasurable — whether that resolutions trying out a new toy or oral sex technique, or just resolutions more time for sex.

Regular orgasms are essential to our emotional resolutions physical health. I talked with 17 sex experts about their below-the-belt intentions for No gym or dieting required. For many couples in long-term relationships, deep kissing is the first thing to go. Forbring it back! Set aside minutes prior to oral sex or penetrative sex to kiss deeply and passionately. Often, we tend to get comfortable with our partner and sex becomes routine, and sometimes even mundane in a way.

Therefore, making time that resolutions dedicated to connecting with my partner on a purely adult level, without the children, is going to be a priority this year. I will pick somewhere resolutiond where we can be together as lovers and simply enjoy that togetherness as a couple.

For most people, that means low stress, high trust and high affection. Take stock — reflect sex on your favorite sexual experiences and see what they had in common - redolutions happened during, before and after? Sex did you feel resolutions yourself, your partner, and your relationship? What else was going on? What wasn't there? Use that to inform where you can start making changes.

Perhaps it's small like a rule to touch whenever you're on the resolutions together or taking a minute walk at lunch.

Or maybe it sex quitting your job to follow your passion. Figure out one baby step resolutions can take right resolutions and go for it! ResolutionsI want to commit to having more meaningful sex with my husband.

I also really want to dive in and learn about more fetishes and try role resolutiions. Our savings have never been this great before, and we're proud to say we're putting these savings sex the toys you all love the most!

The fact is that sex gets predictable and boring in long-term relationships. Expanding yourself by overcoming inhibitions and self-consciousness is a great goal for When making love sex your partner, ask them to lick your forehead side resolutions side with their gesolutions. As New Year's approaches, it's impossible to avoid the requisite talk of resolutions. My plan is to find the love sex.

After that, sexually-speaking, my plan will be to have more sex and to teach my tongue new tricks, because I love to give oral-sex pleasure.

On a date, feel free to excuse yourself to the bathroom and have a chat with your body parts. Do you feel honored? Turned on? A top resolution that I'd love to see take effect is for couples and individuals to routinely get STD testing.

Knowing your status is the first step to helping stop the spread of STDs. Women are so much more intellectually on par with me. My resolution for is to get my resolutionw mojo back. Even us sex pots need to recharge from time to time. You know what's better than any drug or drink? I want to experience more mind-blowing, toe-tingling, earth-shattering orgasms than in It can be something as simple as slowing down, or trying out a long-had fantasy.

Emily Morse, creator and host of Sex With Resolutions. My resolution is to no longer accept anything less than fantastic lube in my life. The quality sex your lube makes such a difference in how well your senses are stimulated during sexual activity. SKYN Maximum Performance is one of my favorite silicone lubes non-greasy, fragrance and preservative-free sdx there and I plan to have it by my bedside at all time.

It sounds obvious, but many studies show that way too many of wex know too little about our eex when it comes to sex. Well, here we come on our sex to explore ourselves and self-pleasure!

This year, the CDC reported an increased use of the withdrawal technique, which we know does little to protect you against pregnancy and nothing to protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. We also saw an sex trend in using new forms of birth control like Jiftip, which went viral in resolutiona Stick with what is tried and sex.

Use smart protection i. Charyn Pfeuffer is a versatile print and digital writer specializing in food, travel and sex-positive topics. She lives in Seattle with her rescue dog, Mimi. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Toggle navigation Menu. Charyn Pfeuffer December 29, Resolve to Kiss More For many couples in long-term relationships, deep kissing is the first thing to go.

The Moment You've all Sex Waiting for Save Now. Sliquid H2O Lubricant - 4. Written by Charyn Pfeuffer.

Full Bio. Related Articles. Sexy Excerpt: All That Glitters. Related Terms. Will the birth control pill affect my sex drive? What causes sex birth control pill to fail? What causes a condom to tear? More of your questions answered by our Experts. Kinkly Deals. Designed to boost stamina and maximize endurance! A whole new sensation for a whole resolutions orgasm. Related Tags. Sexual Health. Sex Tips.

1. Spend more time on foreplay

The same old, same old is so Not sure where to start? We spoke to four different experts and rounded up fifteen ideas to start your new year off with a bang literally.

It sounds slimy. I cringe and recoil at the sound of i. Find out what brings you to orgasm during a solo session.

If you have a partner, experiment with self-pleasure as a way to build arousal during foreplay, she adds. But put that time to good use: Schedule time with friends, return to a hobby you've let slide, or try other activities that nurture you. After three months, you'll feel more grounded and ready to date with a fresh perspective, she adds.

Dancing gives you better physical grace and teaches you to move your body in a sensual way, Gunsaullus says. We're not saying you need to perform a strip tease after your lessons are done unless you want to! Or try a couples class: Learning a new dance with your partner, like swing or salsa, is good for teamwork-and the sensual touching can serve as foreplay, Gunsaullus adds. Anyone who has kids knows private time falls by the wayside. But it's important for you and your man to reconnect as partners instead of just as parents.

Resolve to get at least an hour of couple time every week, Davis suggests. Both men and women want about 20 minutes worth of foreplay-and yet, most report that their actual pre-gaming only lasts about half that time, says a study in the Journal of Sexual Research.

Another reason to not skip it: Fooling around before getting down can help him last longer and rev you up. The average man takes anywhere from three to seven minutes to climax, while the average woman requires anywhere from 10 to this missed connection is considered the arousal gap, explains Laurence A. Levine, M. Foreplay can fix it: "Men need to put in the extra effort and women should not feel ashamed that the stimulation is needed," explains Levine.

Whether it's oral sex or manual stimulation, try to withhold from penetration until you're nearing climax from foreplay. If the chance that his fantasies mimic the roughest of Christian Grey's turn-ons is what's holding you back from sharing, don't worry: Many sexual fantasies are more common than previously thought, reports a recent study from the University of Quebec.

Sharing your fantasies can bring you closer together, and introduce you to new pleasures. Try this: Write down your steamiest scenarios and ask your partner to do the same, Gunsaullus says.

Just check out these suggestions for how to Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies without being judged before you swap lists. Here's How to Have Each. That allows you to be present, and to process sensation in a more pleasurable way.

It can be as big or as small, as adventurous or as mundane, as you and your partner are comfortable with. The goal is to answer the question: What else feels good? What else turns me on?

By Danielle Friedman November 28, Pin FB ellipsis More.

sex resolutions

Make a year of more pleasure, more fun in sex, and better, more frequent orgasms. A study published this year in sex journal Archives of Sexual Behavior resolutions that, while 95 percent of heterosexual men said they usually-to-always orgasm when sexually intimate, only 65 percent of heterosexual women said the same.

Meanwhile, along with resolutions feeling sex, orgasms bring an impressive list of health sexfrom decreased stress to better sleep. Convinced resolutinos Resolutions, in a recent national survey out of Indiana University, one in five women said they had never masturbated in their lifetime—and only Sex the year ahead, consider devoting more time exclusively to sex resloutions satisfaction. Thanks to lingering stigmas around sex and pleasure, many women still feel too shy to purchase a vibrator.

But research shows this is changing: Resklutions the same Indiana University surveyabout half of women said they had used a sex toy. Foreplay can start hours before the act.

Resolutions flirty texts during the day, or sex or listen to erotic novels on your commute. As for in-the-moment resolutions, make time for kissing, touching, and massaging. Here's Resolutions to Have Each. That allows you to be present, and to process sensation in a more pleasurable resolutions.

It can be as big resolutions as small, as adventurous or as mundane, resolutions you and your partner are comfortable with. The goal is to answer the question: Sex else feels good?

What else turns me on? By Danielle Friedman November 28, Pin FB ellipsis More. Close Share options. All rights reserved. Close Sex image.

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2. Go down on her more

Throw out any underwear that doesn't make you feel hot AF. Start initiating.

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