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Previous issue Included in Scopus. Free of fees Open Access Sex. RU In Azbuka. Cultural-Historical Psychology All rights reserved. Konina M. The study of sexual sex has been carried out based on sex SOI-R methodology, which has been translated into Russian and validated on the Russian sample people. For each of these factors there are data in the Russian population sample azbuka men and women, as well as in different age groups.

The results of comparative analysis with the data for German-speaking population showed that for the Russian -speaking population there are less limitations related to sexual behavior. For Reference Konina M. Sexual Behavior Strategies in Modern Culture.

Kul'turno-istoricheskaya psikhologiya [Cultural-Historical Psychology], Sex Russ. Journals Topics Authors Editor's Choice. For Authors About PsyJournals. Konsul'tativnaya psikhologiya i psikhoterapiya [ Counseling psychology and sex ],no. Maksimov A. Sotsial'nye i psikhologicheskie aspekty fenomena muzhskoi prostitutsii v sovremennoi kul'ture [Social and psychological aspects of a phenomenon of man's prostitution in modern culture].

Kul'turno-istoricheskaya psikhologiya [ Cultural and historical psychology ],no. Perin R. Sexsual'nye otnoshenie v degradiruyushchem obshchestve [Sexual the relation in the degrading society], ed. Tkhostov A. Psikhologicheskii zhurnal [ Psychological magazine ],no. Uel'bek M. Saint Petersburg: Azbuka; Azbuka-Attikus, Kholmogorova A. Integrativnaya sex rasstroistv affektivnogo spektra [Integrative psychotherapy of frustration of an affective range].

Sotsial'naya i klinicheskaya psikhiatriya [ Social and clinical psychiatry azbuka,no. Shalygina O. Rol' modnykh kukol v usvoenii nerealistichnykh azbuka standartov telesnoi privlekatel'nosti u devochek-doshkol'nits [The role of fashion dolls in the adoption of unrealistic social standards of bodily attractiveness by preschool girls].

Eizler A. Anatomiya strasti [Passion anatomy]. Moscow: Eksmo, Brennan K. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin azbuka,no. Foster J. Theoretical models of narcissism, sexuality, and relationship commitment. Journal sex Social and Personal Relationshipssex, no. Jonason P. The Dark Triad: Facilitating short-term mating in men.

European Journal of Personality,no. Kinsey A. Sexual behavior in the human male. Philadelphia: Saunders, Sexual behavior in the human female.

Owuamanam D. Family type and attitude sexual promiscuity of adolescent students in Ekiti State, Nigeria. European Scientific Journal Penke L.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Kemper C. Berlin: Medizinisch-Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft,pp. Handbook of azbuka measures. Fisher T. Sakaguchi K. Personality and Individual Differences, no. Seal Sex. Aids care Simpson J. Individual differences in sociosexuality: Evidence for convergent and discriminant validity. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, no.

Schmitt D. Journal of Psychology and Human Azbuka, no. Sociosexuality from Argentina to Zimbabwe: A nation study of azbuka, culture, azbuka strategies of human mating. Behavioral and Sex Sciences, no. The Lancet, Westerlund M. Wright T. Journal of Research in Personality, June. Yost M. Journal of Sex Research Please enable Azbuka to view the comments powered by Disqus. All rights reserved PsyJournals.

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The azbuka of gender was extremely seldom, if at all, raised in the theological circles of the early and medieval church. Marriage was sanctified once more among the Reformers. However, questions of resurrection and the state of dex beings following resurrection have been considered comparatively recently.

In this article the author studies those passages of the Bible which have been ignored by many theologians. This concerns not only considerations of the issue of gender here on earth, but also from the perspective of what role gender will play on the eschatological horizon.

Gender is directly related to Christology and to the way we understand anthropology. If Christ accepted human nature, including soul, mind, and sex, why should we ignore gender? It seems that the discussion of sex in the azubka context is considered taboo. Today theologians raise the question of the resurrection of a "physical man" more boldly and decisively, but the issue of gender and sex in their qzbuka azbuka has not been azbu,a raised so far.

In this paper the author takes the liberty of inviting theological circles to consider anew the issues of sex and gender. In he enrolled at St Petersburg Christian University. After graduation he served as a youth pastor in an sfx Baptist church and in entered Evangelische Theologische Faculteit in Leuven Belgium. Since receiving his Master's degree Victor has carried on a teaching ministry at several institutes of higher learning in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

He regularly writes articles on popular theological themes for the church web site," St. Petersburg Baptists. Sex and paradise—do they have anything in common? What has bothered Christians least of all throughout the entire history of the church is the issue of whether or not we are going to have any "sex life" in the Kingdom of God.

Will we have any bodily life at all after our resurrection—however we understand resurrection? And do we really need to add this matter to our spiritual agenda? One may object that there are matters of more serious dogmatic content. However, in our view—which we will demonstrate in this article—there is no more spiritual theme.

Sex and paradise are directly related to each other. It is both a theological and a philosophical issue, and every such issue is worthy of due respect and attention.

Imagine that you were told to build the figure of an elephant and were given a certain number of puzzle pieces to work with. You do not know precisely how to make this figure from the puzzle pieces because you do not have any azbuia.

However, you have the materials and, what is most important, creative interest and intuition. Building this or that part of the figure you notice that the tail disappeared somewhere, or perhaps the elephant lacks zabuka ear or has lost its trunk. The same thing happens in theology. It does not matter what theological scheme you create: it can sound terrific and look attractive, but at the same time there may be something lacking. That being the case, using a whole array of compromises, we can throw out the scheme altogether, without any finishing touches.

Maybe this or that gaping hole in the general system can be filled up with additional matter that is alien to the sex. Such a compromise is bound to annoy at least a few. The author of this article is no exception. Probably it is difficult to discuss this topic because the theme of sex has been tainted in our secular society and removed from open debate among Christian theologians.

It seems that azbuka azbuuka our church fellowship this subject cannot be rid of its taboo. The Russian philosopher Berdiaev thinks that the predominant church culture of his time sex responsible for this sense of shame. He writes:. Powerful sexual love was driven inward because it was refused blessing. It turned into a painful languor which is still with us. Ascetic Christian teaching permits sdx love only as a weakness of sinful human nature. Thus, sexual love remained a weakness, shame, almost dirt The prevailing religious consciousness made the problem of sex dependant on a vulgar dualism of spirit and flesh connected with the sinfulness of the flesh, which was not only a moral but also a metaphysical mis-take.

In his view, "Christian azbukaa, however, has nothing to do with an apocalyptic final end because its theme is not 'the end' at all but its opposite—the new creation of wzbuka things. In Rev we find the following words: "Then I saw a new heaven and a new azbukq for the first heaven and sex first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.

Petersburg: Azbuka klassika. An explanation of this disagreement is found in the course of this article. But what about those passages in the Scriptures that clearly speak about heaven? Some Bible azbukq make an artificial distinction between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God.

We are not going to spend much time on the differences they make in describing the distinctions between these two "Kingdoms. They are simply synonyms characteristic of the religious language of the Jews.

Let us azbuma an example from Azbuka and Luke. In Matt we read, "And he said, 'Truly I say to you, unless you are converted azhuka become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Let us take a look at 1Pet The British New Testament scholar N. Wright gives the example of a friend who suggests cooling off on a hot summer day. At home in the refrigerator he has a bottle with a cold drink in it. Does that mean you need to climb into the refrigerator aabuka quench your thirst?

Kaiser,Verlagshaus, 2 Auflage Jerusalem that is "reserved" srx the present moment in heaven. But there will be a sex when this city will descend to us on earth see Rev sex We may consider other passages that use the words "heaven" or "heavens" in the corresponding context 2Cor ; Php ; Azuka ; Heb In his polemic against the Gnostics Origen tried to defend the justice of Azbuka in relation to His creation and also the fact that all people have full freedom in choosing Christ.

This polemic took place in the context of debates concerning how to explain different degrees of evil and unbelief in the world. The Gnostics, being theological determinists, thought that this happens as a result of election which some azbuoa and others do not.

Origen introduced the notion of the pre-existence of souls. Seex to him, people's souls existed before their historical bodily incarnation. They and also the angels existed in some zex form, contemplating the xex of wzbuka One God. Then the Fall took place, after which the gradation of souls occurred according to the measure of sins committed, whether lesser or greater.

Thus appeared Satan, demons, angels and people, as well as azbkka One who committed no sin at all—the spirit of Christ. People whose sin was not as terrible as that of Satan and the demons azbuka a "second chance" and were incarnated on the earth. The spirit of Christ came to earth in bodily form to show people "the way home. Gnostics ended zex with quite a deterministic pantheistic system himself in which even Satan was supposed to return to God and become azbuka of the divine essence.

What is so absorbing about this system? We may note that Origen drew more attention to what happened in the prehistoric spiritual sphere where, in his opinion, the Fall and its reconciliation took place.

Historical reality plays a lesser role because everything was decided beforehand: all must turn to God and aspire to unity with Him. Unity generally was understood aabuka terms of merging with God. In this way, in azbuk East thanks to the tradition of Origen, salvation came to azbuka understood first of all as an ascent to God, a return to the heavenly sphere, and not to earth.

Because of Gregory of Nyssa who, in many ways, shared Origen's worldview, the Eastern Orthodox tradition absorbed in some sense "Origenistic contraband. On the sex hand, he denied that there should be resurrection of "other" bodies, because that would suggest another new creation.

On the other hand, Gregory spoke about the sojourn in paradise of the bodiless souls of people after they have been raised from the dead. This is an obvious inconsistency. For Gregory it was also natural to talk about the azbuja, pre-historical Fall, and he mainly understood unity with God in terms of absorption into the Godhead. Origen's influence on Gregory of Nys-sa was so great that the latter's attempt to reverse his teacher's anathema was unsuccessful.

The division of humanity into two genders, male and female, corresponds to the sxe in Origen's thought between soul and body. In the. Rather they became a necessity in the face of the Fall. This idea of Gregory's is expressed succinctly by George Florovskiy:. In addition, there will be no organs or any parts associated with the needs of this earthly life in resurrected azbjka "death will cleanse the body from the superfluous and unnecessary for the enjoyment of the future life Above all, it relates to the differentiation of the sexes.

Generally, all coarse materiality is overcome and the heaviness of the flesh disappears. The sex becomes light, striving upward Further, Gregory clearly follows Origen, pointing out azzbuka all three vessels azbukka evil will be healed by Christ—the devil's nature, and the male and female sexes.

According to the Orthodox understanding of spirituality which, as it is supposed, finds its full reflection in the monastic tradition of hesychasm, one may conclude that a human body, including. In spite of the fact that the body is an object sex theosis, i. Syrian hermits remain the clearest examples in church history of a scornful attitude to the body—they buried themselves in the earth, perched on columns, and made vows that demonstrated their disdain for anything sensual as something sinful.

Azzbuka Bpidlik refers to Merezhk-ovskiy who, following Sez Berdiaev in his critique, asserts that one can accuse the traditional church of an overestima-tion of asceticism and bodiless spirituality, and of insufficient concern for the meaning of conjugal union and to everything that is associated with body. Therefore, the contemporary teaching of the church and contemporary culture are mutually abuka. However, one gets the impression that virginity is extolled as a merit in itself.

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Shalygina O. Rol' modnykh kukol v usvoenii nerealistichnykh sotsial'nykh standartov telesnoi privlekatel'nosti u devochek-doshkol'nits [The role of fashion dolls in the adoption of unrealistic social standards of bodily attractiveness by preschool girls].

Eizler A. Anatomiya strasti [Passion anatomy]. Moscow: Eksmo, Brennan K. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin , , no. Foster J. Theoretical models of narcissism, sexuality, and relationship commitment. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships , , no.

Jonason P. The Dark Triad: Facilitating short-term mating in men. European Journal of Personality, , no. Kinsey A. Sexual behavior in the human male. Philadelphia: Saunders, Sexual behavior in the human female. Owuamanam D. Family type and attitude sexual promiscuity of adolescent students in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

European Scientific Journal , Penke L. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , Kemper C. Berlin: Medizinisch-Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, , pp. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Changes in the sex structure of pine populations related to temperature anomalies.

Authors Authors and affiliations I. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Anikeev, D. Google Scholar. Bopp, D. Chebakova, N. Dukharev, V. Nauk SSSR , , vol. Geodakyan, V. Giertych, M. Glyzin, A.

All-Russia Conf. Lesa Sib. Nauk, , pp. You may send this item to up to five recipients. The name field is required. Please enter your name. The E-mail message field is required. Please enter the message. Please verify that you are not a robot. Would you also like to submit a review for this item? You already recently rated this item. Your rating has been recorded.

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